Why Slingshot Boys?

About Us

If you are looking for a new way to experience Fort Lauderdale, you’ve found it. We all know and love the sun-soaked streets and golden beaches throughout our beautiful city, but this is your key to unlocking true paradise. 

Slide into the sleek cockpit of our state-of-the-art polaris Slingshot R type, where you can feel the anticipation hum in the air. The engine roars beneath you, hungry to conquer the lively boulevards and sun-drenched coastlines of this stunning city. With the wind in your hair, hit the gas and feel the raw power at your fingertips.

With the Slingshot's open-air design, Fort Lauderdale's dynamic skyline unfolds before you, inviting you to absorb the city's vibrant energy.The vehicle's responsive handling transforms each twist and turn into an exhilarating dance with the road. Not to mention a Slingshot is the perfect conversation starter and will get heads turning wherever it goes. 

This experience doesn’t have to be just a dream though, if you call The Slingshot Boys all that is described could be yours. So the only question remains, are you ready to experience Fort Lauderdale like never before?